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Spiritual Passion is the Feelings, Desires and Dreams borne by our
Spiritual Nature. And unlike a physical passion that quickly
extinguishes itself in the wind, our Spiritual Passion is like the
slow-burning candle that is located within, and protected by, the
safe confines of a Temple. And the Temple that protects the
slow-burning candle of our Spiritual Passion is that Spiritual Temple
that is our Spiritual Self.

Our Spiritual Passion is the Feelings, Longings, Desires and Dreams
that fill our Soul and consume us. It is a Flame that cannot be
extinguished. And although it can be suppressed, and ignored, the
flame of our Spiritual Passion can never be “blown out”.

Although we may feel that our Spiritual Passion must be a grandiose
calling, it is not so. Our Spiritual Passion is not something we are
“fanatical” about, or brag about. It is not something we “think” that
the world “needs” and only we can “provide”. Our Spiritual Passion
is the slow-burning candle flame that consumes the majority of our
private Thoughts and feelings. It is that one Spiritual Activity we call
forward and enjoy whenever our “chores” and “obligations” of the
day are completed.

Our Spiritual Passion is our Divine Gift…It is Our Divine Calling!

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We need to clean up & focus on cleaning up our side of the street, first & foremost. Often we are placing our attention on the wrong things…..things we cannot change or learn how to get others to change for us.  

Nothing around us is going to change until we have the courage to go deep inside, explore the demons that lie within, and eventually let them go.


We need to start by cleaning up our side of the street, first & foremost.  As a quote that I use often…..”Nothing Changes, If Nothing Changes”. 

It is sometimes difficult to let go of what no longer serves us when we have gotten used to them. However once I started getting rid of what no longer serves me, I found myself happier and The Universe opened doors of opportunity to me. When beginning to practice these daily ritials & routines, it is simply amazing how many things just seem to begin to fall into place on their own, without little or no forced effort.

Nothing around us is going to change until we have the courage to go deep inside, explore the demons that lie within, and eventually let them go.

Some examples of how to let go when something or someone no longer serves you:

  1. Be Mindful. One of the reasons that our internal demons can wreak havoc on our external reality is that we’re not aware of the little buggers. In other words, many of us are asleep (and I don’t mean asleep in the traditional sense). We walk around all day with our eyes wide open, but we’re asleep to our own Truth, as well as the untruths that are guiding a lot of our actions. An excellent way to wake up to what no longer serves us is to practice mindfulness meditation. Many people think of meditation as a stress management tool, and while taking some time each day for stillness is definitely relaxing, one of the key purposes of meditation is to help wake us up in this lifetime. Part of this waking up process involves becoming more aware, or mindful, of our thoughts, speech, and actions.
  2. Be Honest. An important part of the waking up process involves getting really honest with yourself about how you feel. Many of us have been taught to suppress our feelings so that we can get through the day-to-day grind of our lives. Breaking old patterns means that we need to be supremely honest with ourselves about how a particular relationship, job, or situation made us feel in the past, and how these circumstances might still be affecting us. The key here is to also be honest about the role that you played in any negative patterns that arose.
  3. Forgive Yourself. Once you’ve gotten honest, you can take any remedial actions that might be necessary (such as apologizing), and then it’s time to let yourself off the hook. Self-forgiveness doesn’t mean that you aren’t taking responsibility for your actions, it means that you’re acknowledging the fact that you’re human, that you’ve done all you can to remedy the situation, and that you are now ready to let it go.
  4. Release Negative Energy (Daily). As you become more well-versed in the steps above, you might become more aware of negative emotions and patterns, more honest about your part in the situations that caused the emotions/patterns, and get better at forgiving yourself, but you might still feel a sense of negative energy. The reason for this is that many of us are like emotional sponges. We take on emotions from other people, places, and situations, often without realizing it. To rectify this situation, I like to engage in a daily “negative energy releasing” practice. For you, this might mean taking up mind-body techniques like yoga or tai chi, or energetic therapies like reiki, or it might involve playing a sport or going for a good run, or it might be something as simple as putting on your headphones and dancing to a great song.
  5. Create a Personal Development Routine.The four tips that I’ve outlined above have become crucial to my personal development process, and over the years I’ve created a routine that incorporates these themes into a daily system that works for me. Right now, my routine looks something like this:
    • I meditate for thirty minutes every morning, after which I take two-three minutes to say (out loud) many of the things that I’m grateful for at that moment.
    • Throughout my workday, I try to bring this sense of mindfulness, self-awareness, and gratitude with me by paying close attention to my thoughts, speech, and behavior. I always do my very best to eat lunch away from my desk, either with a colleague, or going for a brief walk, or dancing as outlined in point #4.
    • It’s important for you to know, however, that my days don’t always look like this! Sometimes life happens and that’s ok. But I try to follow these practices as best I can – even if I can only fit in five minutes of meditation in the morning and three minutes of breathing exercises before I fall asleep.
    • Create your own personal development routine to help you recognize and let go of what’s no longer serving you. Keep in mind that it’s important to be realistic. Don’t plan to do a two hour yoga practice every morning if you know it will be impossible for you to wake up at 5am. 
    • It should include tasks that help you become more aware of your patterns/behaviors, and let those patterns go, then you’re on the right track. 
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